0-12 months

Our infants are nurtured and loved. We provide a quality environment that is designed to meet both the child and the parents' needs. Our infant program helps stimulate children's cognitive and physical skills. This is done through interaction between teacher and child, story time, sensory play, music, and tummy time. The children are placed in the classrooms based on their age and then assessed to be transitioned to next classroom based on their abilities developmentally. We meet their needs and further work with them to get them to where they need to be developmentally. We encourage and have an open door policy for parents to visit and spend time with their child so they can gain knowledge of what is being taught to their child and mimic practices at home. Our staff is properly trained in working with all unique characteristics of infants.


13-24 months

Our toddler program uses The Creative Curriculum (research based) to enhance each child's five essential domains of learning which are social & emotional, language & literacy, cognitive (problem solving/creative thinking), fine motor skills and large motor skills. Our teachers are dedicated to helping each child develop these skills through a loving, trusting relationship. Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment, so we provide music, stories, art, bible, language development and outdoor play. We also work with parents to start toilet training with our toddlers as they approach 24 months. A daily report is given to parents regarding their child's day via our parent communication app, ProCare.


2 to 5 years old

Our pre-schoolers use Abeka Christian Curriculum which focuses on language and literacy. This is a vigorous curriculum to prepare them for kindergarten and give them a strong foundation on the approach to reading. It covers letter sounds, memory verses, bible stories, a proficient and effective way of writing both manuscript and cursive. Children are taught to love God, themselves and others. They develop self-help skills, how to work with each other and how to be kind and respectful.

All students infants through school-age receive developmental assessments twice a year.